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Learn about our ortho, crown and veneer services in Green Bay, WI

A wide range of factors can cause tooth discoloration, including tea, smoking, coffee and aging. If your teeth have dulled over time, consider scheduling teeth coloring services from Amenity Dental Care. We're proud to provide everything from traditional teeth whitening to veneer services in Green Bay, WI.

Stop hiding your teeth behind a close-lipped smile and let them shine. Discuss your teeth whitening options with an expert today.

Check out our cosmetic services

If you want to straighten your teeth and restore brightness to your smile, you've come to the right place. Our cosmetic services include:

Veneer services
apply porcelain to reshape and whiten teeth
Whitening services
determine which type of whitening treatment best fits your needs and goals for your smile
Bonding services
put in a tooth-colored resin or composite filling when there are pits near the gum line
Ortho services
get clear aligners that straighten your teeth faster and with fewer trays

Next time you need filling, straightening or teeth coloring services, call 920-437-8017 ASAP to make an appointment with our dentist.