Don't Let Tooth Decay Cause Daily Pain

Come to us for an emergency root canal in Green Bay, WI

When the nerve of a tooth dies as a result of trauma or disease, a root canal is necessary. Because the pulp has little to no capacity to heal itself, it must be removed to prevent further issues. That's where Amenity Dental Care comes in. Rely on us to do your emergency root canal at our office in Green Bay, WI.

During this procedure, we'll remove the infected pulp, clean out the tooth canals and seal the tooth to prevent future infections. When the procedure is complete, we'll restore the tooth with a dental crown.

If you need an emergency root canal done, call 920-437-8017 now.

Learn about our tooth extraction and toothache treatments

Do you have a broken or infected tooth that needs to be removed? If so, get an emergency exam at Amenity Dental Care.
We'll try to make an appointment the same day you call to discuss your pain and schedule a tooth extraction. We also offer relief for toothaches.
Check out these answers to some commonly asked questions about toothaches:

What causes toothache pain?

Toothaches can be aggravated by debris lodged between your teeth.

What should you do?

For simple toothaches, you may be able to find relief by rinsing your mouth to clear out debris.

What shouldn't you do?

Don't place aspirin between your tooth and gum because it can hurt your gums.

For more information about tooth extractions and toothache treatments, contact us today.