Protect Your Teeth From Discoloration and Decay

Come to us for teeth cleaning services in Green Bay, WI

Your teeth should be professionally cleaned twice a year. When it's time to schedule teeth cleaning services in Green Bay, WI, contact a pro at Amenity Dental Care. We'll examine your mouth, gums and teeth before we complete the cleaning to check for changes in your dental health. If we see any problems, trust us to offer effective treatment options.

During your appointment, we'll also take panoramic and bite-wing x-rays to check for tooth decay. Then we'll provide thorough dental cleaning services.

Reach out to us today to get assigned a hygienist and dentist. And don't forget to pick up a goody bag before you leave our office.

Preventive care doesn't stop there

We offer more than just teeth cleaning services. Our dentists also have the necessary equipment and expertise to work with:

Fluoride treatments
Non-surgical gum therapy (SRP)

We'll also help you pick out at-home products, including electric toothbrushes, prescription toothpaste and anti-bacterial rinses.

Learn more about our dental cleaning services by calling 920-437-8017 now.